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Ask for a Helping Schools Tag when you renew your tag this year

One of the greatest crises facing our state is the continued lack of funding for our public schools.

There is an easy way to provide additional funding for public schools—buy a Helping Schools Tag for your vehicle.

It's easy, it's inexpensive and it will help to improve conditions in our public schools. When you renew your automobile tags this year, just ask your license commissioner for a Helping Schools Tag. It's only an additional $15—and it's tax deductible.

Nearly 75% of the purchase price goes directly to Alabama's public schools. Show your support for public education by putting a Helping Schools Tag on each of your vehicles.

It's only $15; Can that Really Make a Difference?

Unlike other specialty automobile tags that can cost an additional $50 or more, the Helping Schools Tags are only $15. The price is intentionally low to allow everyone a chance to make a difference in our local schools.

The fact is, Helping Schools Tags do make a difference.

Statewide, Helping Schools Tags now generate about $500,000 a year for public schools. This money goes for miscellaneous supplies, freeing up money for hiring new teachers or making capital improvements to our schools.

If only 15% of the driving population of Alabama purchased Helping Schools Tags for their vehicles, the program would generate more than $6 million in additional funding for public schools.

If 50% of vehicle owners purchased Helping Schools Tags, more than $20 million would be generated for local schools.

Contact your license commissioner today.


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